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Procedure Instructions

Tax registration procedures

Those who need to register tax must use the tax registration form prescribed by law with the tax agency within 10 working days since the date of:

Business Merger Guidelines

Merger is a formal economic gathering whereby one or several companies (hereinafter referred to as the merged company) transfer all of their assets, rights and obligations to another company. receive. input, terminating concurrent existence of the importing company. The current business merger procedure is adjusted by Vietnam Enterprise Law 2014.

The procedures for real estate purchase and sale simply and fast

The real estate purchase and sale procedure includes regulations on checking real estate information to avoid risks, transfer ownership safely and legally, clearly stating the obligations of each party.

Red Book Procedures

Currently, the procedure for applying for a Red Book is one of the most difficult procedures. Thinh Tri Law would like to let you know the procedures for making Red Book 2020 in term of granting conditions, documents, procedure as well as for being granted a Red Book.

Procedures for naturalization of Vietnamese citizenship for foreigners

The registration procedure of an individual business...

Business settlement process

After the establishment and operation of enterprises, when the businesses do not do business well or do not believe in the proposed development direction, many businesses are no longer able to continue their business or do not have the need to keep doing business. You can choose to completely withdraw from the market through the enterprise dissolution process.


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