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Ways of identifying popular property crimes

Property crimes are popular in real life. Howerver, a lot of people mistakenly determine wrong charge for those property crimes, especially robber, snatch theif and burglar.

Summarize the prescription entering lawsuit each dispute or civil claim

The prescription of entering a lawsuit is the duration that the victim has the right to sue in order to ask the law court handling civil case in which it protects lawful responsibility and right of the victim; the victim has no right to sue when the prescription is over. Thus, How is the presciption of entering a lawsuit prescribed in specific cases?

How much for not bringing a driver's license?

Motorbike riders and other similar vehicles not bringing a driving license will be fined from 100,000 dong to 200,000 dong.

Tax increases on plastic bags, packaging and plastic products

This content is issued by Prime Minister in Directive No. 33 / CT-TTg dated 20/8/2020 on strengthening management, reusing, recycling, handling and minimizing plastic waste.

Can borrower sue lender due to high interest rate?

Interest rate is one of the concerns that many people are interested in when making a loan. In fact, lots of borrowers have to pay high interest rates. In this case, what should borrowers do to protect their right?

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